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How to Test Your Internet Connection

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Dennis Myl
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You can easily test your internet connection using our tool below! 🌍  For the best possible video connection, ensure you are close to your router or directly wired in with an ethernet (LAN) cable. βš™οΈ


Further, here are some minimum internet speed requirements for the best results! πŸŽπŸ—―

  • 500 MB to 3 GB of data to have an hour-long video call.

    Minimum Speed
    Download: 10mbps
    Upload: 5mbps

  • Cable, DSL, Fibre, and Satellite

    Minimum Speed
    Download: 10mbps
    Upload: 5mbps

  • Rural areas may experience slower speeds and higher latency, which can cause connection degradation for video. If your internet speeds are below the minimum requirement, it is recommended to use a mobile data connection, or contact your provider to inquire about a messaging or phone appointment.

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