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Zoom Features Available to OnCall Health Patients & Providers

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Sam Brennand
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The following Zoom features are included, or can be configured, as part of OnCall's custom implementation of Zoom.

Basic Features: 

Feature Default Custom
Screen size adjustment x  
Switch audio devices/sound device/camera device x  



Feature Default Custom
Toggle video on/off  x x
Name shows on screen when video is turned on x  
Audio settings (change settings on device from Zoom) x  
Mute/unmute  x  



Feature Default Custom
Ability to send quality feedback directly to Zoom x  
Stats for troubleshooting x  
Tool tips on icons x  



Feature Default Custom
Security menu (lock meeting, enable waiting room, hide profile photos) x  
Security badge at the top of the page (password, meeting IDs, copy invite link) x  
Recording server location* x  

*Canadian customers can choose to record to Canadian servers, US customers will default to US servers.



Feature Default Custom
Recording options menu x  
Background filter/options x x
Powerpoint as virtual background x x
Screen sharing x x
White boarding x x
Non-verbal commenting / messaging x x
Breakout rooms x x


Participant Management: 

Feature Default Custom
Participant mute option (all/specific users) x  
Participant list accessibility in the call window  x  
Invite within the call x  
Polling participants within the call  x x
Thumbs up feedback upon session end  x  
Hide profile photo option for meeting participants  x x
Rename participants  x x


Click here to learn more about Zoom's security for healthcare organizations.

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