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Adding Users with User Management

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User Management enables administrators to manage the team members that have access to the platform.

Please note: Depending on your pricing model, adding additional Provider-type users to your account may trigger an immediate billing event that will show up on your next monthly invoice. If you have questions, please contact your customer success manager.



When enabled, you can invite providers and coordinators to join any subset of your divisions by following these simple steps.

  • 👥  Profile Settings: To begin, click on your profile name at the top right corner of the screen and select 'User Management'.  

    • The User management tab is only available for account administrators once enabled by the OnCall team. 


  • 📃  Active User Page: Once in the User Management section, you will be greeted with a list of all your active team members as well as some detailed information on their profile. 

    • Account Role: User Access Type (Admin, Coordinator, Provider)

    • Clinic or Provider Division

    • Last Active Date (Usage Statistic)

    • Two Step Verification Check

    • API Access Check


  • 📧  Inviting A User: From the top right of the page click on 'Invite New Users' and enter the required information within the invitation window. Once your team member details have been filled in, go ahead and select 'Invite'.  

    • Your invited user will receive an email with instructions to setup their account and login based on the user access role assigned. 

  • 📪. Invite Email : Not receiving the email invite? Have your invited team member check their email address, or resend the invite to another address. 

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