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How To Connect Stripe & Collect Payments

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Brianna Felts
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Following these simple steps will allow you to connect or create a Stripe account and begin collecting payments through our platform

Guide πŸ“–

Account Configuration βš™οΈ

You must have Admin or Coordinator credentials to access the Stripe configuration for your account.Β  To begin click on your user profile from the top right, and select πŸ”§ Configuration.Β 

Payments πŸ’°

Next, click on the payments tab from within your account configuration. From here you will have the option to log in to an existing Stripe account or create a new one!


πŸ’‘ Not seeing the payments tab under your account?Β  Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more!Β 


Connect Account πŸ’³

You will need to provide the following information to configure your Stripe profile:

    • Phone number (2FA login with Stripe)
    • Registered business address
    • Type of business
    • Personal details: first, last name, email address, date of birth, SIN
    • Business details: business website, product description
    • Payouts banking details: currency, transit number, Institution number, account number
    • Customer support details: statement descriptor (a statement descriptor is the business name a customer will see on their card statements. Choose a name that’s at least five characters and easy to recognize to avoid potential chargebacks), shortened descriptor, customer support phone number: 18006879288

Stripe Connect πŸ’΅

Clicking on "Go to Stripe account" will prompt users to a new browser tab where they can log into their Stripe account. Within their Stripe connect account, providers will be able to:

      • Monitor all transactions
      • Refund
      • Review charge failed status


Need A Hand? πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ€”

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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