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Patient: How Do Secure Login Links Work?

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Anthony Ivanovsky
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What are Secure Login Links? 

Secure login links are one-time-use URLs with a randomly generated token that allows a user to securely log into the OnCall Health platform. After you request a Secure Login Link, an email will be sent to your inbox with a link to log you into your account without a password.  

This login method is commonly used by companies to provide efficiency while maintaining privacy and security

Note: This login method can only be applied to returning users on the platform. You cannot request a Secure Login Link if you haven't created a password for your account.


How do they work on Computer devices?

OnCall main login page



  • Enter the email address associated with the user account
  • Click on "Send Secure Login Link"
  • An email will be sent to the user's inbox with an URL that allows our platform to identify them and log them in automatically 
  • By clicking on this URL, users will be sent directly to the appointment page without having to enter their password


Is this secure?

When a user submits their email and requests a secure login link for login, OnCall Health's system performs a check to see if the email is tied to a valid user account.

If the email is tied to a valid user account, we will send an email to the submitted email address. This means that only the user who has access to the submitted email address can access these login links. 


  • The link sent to the user can only be used once unless they are already logged in on another tab.
  • The link expires after a maximum of 60 minutes.


If you have any further questions regarding this feature and how it works, feel free to contact Technical Support at support@oncallhealth.ca

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