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Provider: How To Create A Recurring Appointment on Mobile

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Anthony Ivanovsky
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The following article will walk you through the steps to create recurring appointments on your mobile device; tablet or smartphone. A recurring appointment is a video meeting & appointment that gets scheduled on a set recurring basis. (i.e Group therapy session weekly)

Recurring Appointment Guide

  • To begin, open the OnCall Health mobile app and navigate to the appointments tab. Note recurring appointments are available to both providers and coordinators. 


    If you need a fresh copy of the mobile app simply use the download links for your device below: 


  • Next, click on the new button at the top right of the appointments tab to begin scheduling a recurring session with your client. 


    Then type your appointment details as usual - Title, Date, Time, Participants, Fee, Duration, Provider. 


  • Lastly, turn on the Recurring Appointment switch to activate automated scheduling and reoccurring sessions.  You will then have the ability to set the frequency that the appointments should automatically occur. 


    Finally, tapping on the Recurring Appointment card will reveal information on the recurring sessions, as well as give you the ability to delete the appointments. 


Need A Hand?

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team - We happily stand by to lend a hand!


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