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How to Create an Appointment

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The steps for creating appointments are the same for any appointment type (in-person, phone, video, or messaging). However please ensure you have the correct phone number on file for your patients to complete phone appointments.

If you're looking to create a messaging appointment, check out this tutorial here. You can also use these links to quickly navigate this article: 

Creating an Appointment with a Desktop Computer

To get started, click the + button on the bottom right, then select which type of appointment you'd like to create (video, in-person, phone).


Next, you can choose to create an appointment using existing appointment templates (please contact your Account Manager if you don't currently have any appointment templates or want to add new templates to your list) or manually enter appointment details such as title, date, time, duration, participants, and fee(s). To add multiple participants to a group session, click "add participant". You can have a maximum of 25 participants in one session.

Using appointment templates

  • Click "Apply template" to start using existing templates that have been set up for your account 
  • In the pop up window, you will see a list of templates that are being filtered by a Division. To locate the template you want to use, you can change the Division (if you are in more than one Division) or search by template name in the search bar 
  • Select the desired template and click "Apply template"
  • Continue filling in the remaining participant details and click on "Create appointment"


If you have a client you see on a regular basis, you can set up recurring appointments. To do this, create an appointment as described above, then click the "recurring" toggle. You can choose from daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Enter the number of times (occurrences) you'd like this appointment to repeat.


If there are forms that need to be assigned to participants, you can add forms by clicking on “+ Add forms” button. You can add as many forms as needed through the form modal, and these forms will be assigned to all the participants as soon as the appointment is created.


Creating an Appointment Using a Mobile Device

To get started, click "+ New" button on the top right.


Note: OnCall Health doesn't provide any teleconference lines for phone sessions. You are responsible for calling or setting up a system for your patients to call you at the scheduled time.


Use the dropdown menus to fill in the appointment details - type (phone, in-person, video), title, date, time, duration, participants, and fee(s). You can turn on recurring appointments by toggling the switch and selecting from daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. To finish, click "create appointment".

To add multiple participants to a group session, click "add participant". You can have a maximum of 25 participants in one session.


Creating an Appointment from Roster

There is also a '+ New Appointment' button to the right of your client's name on every single tab (Profile, Appointments, Forms & Files, Notes) of their Roster profile. 


Click on the + New Appointment button, and you will be given appointment type options. Select your preferred appointment modality.


Create a new appointment using existing appointment templates or manually enter appointment details described above.

Please note

  • Using appointment templates to create appointments is not currently available on mobile app.
  • To successfully set up templates and to add new templates to your list, please contact your Account Manager.
  • Organizations can track which templates are being used to create appointments via Analytics export to help with reporting and making decisions around resources. For more details on analytics, please refer to this article 

Need A Hand?

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team - We happily stand by to lend a hand!


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