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Roster Sharing Overview for Providers

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To encourage collaboration and continuity of care among providers and coordinators, members of the same division can view and edit the same client's Roster record without needing to duplicate the contact. Please contact your Customer Success Manager directly to inquire this feature for your organization.

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When accessing Roster contacts with the Roster Sharing feature enabled, as a provider, you will have the following permissions







Roster Sharing FAQ

  • With this feature enabled, you will experience the same current Roster interface. However, more capabilities are added so that you can collaborate with other providers and coordinators with ease on the platform
  • As long as you are in 1 division with Roster Sharing, you will see some Roster Sharing capabilities in all divisions you belong to
  • A "Owner" label will be associated with Roster contacts to indicate who created the contacts
  • No need to worry about providers that leave your organization, once the contact is created, you will have access to the contact until it is officially deleted. You will be able to distinguish between active owners and deactivated owners via this label
  • Providers and internal staff with administrative access within the division will have access to the Notes section of the contact
  • Roster Sharing is not available on mobile or tablet devices, which means that when you log into your account on the mobile app, you will only be able to see only contacts that you own

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