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Internal Forms Overview

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Internal Forms are the perfect tool to allow you to complete forms and assessments on behalf of, or about, one of your clients. Importantly, Internal Forms are only viewable by other members of your internal team but NOT by the participant or client. 

Guide 📖

Attach Internal Form to a Roster Contact

If you want to add an impromptu progress note to a participant's record with no association to any appointment, perhaps so that other members in your organization can review it later,  you can use an Internal Form to accomplish that. 

Start by navigating to the client's Roster contact & click on the "Forms" tab.



Click on "Assign form" button.



Select the desired Internal Form and attach it to the Roster contact.



Attach Internal Form to an Appointment Participant

If you have an appointment with a client and want to make progress note during your session, you can also attach Internal Form to the appointment scheduled on your Appointment list. You can open this form and complete it as needed (an alternative to using a basic text Session Note). 

To start, click on the paperclip icon in the appointment card when viewing the appointment in List View.



Select the desired Internal Form and attach it to the client's contact.



What Happens After You Attach an Internal Form?

You and other coordinators in your organization will be able to open and complete the form on behalf of, or about, the client. In order to complete the form, you can navigate to either the appointment or the Roster contact that you attached the form to and click onto the form.



What Happens After You Complete an Internal Form?

You and other providers and coordinators in your organization will be able to review the responses in those forms, as well as metadata about who completed the form and when the form was completed. 

Remember, the client will not be able to view either this form or the responses that you added and they will not be notified that the form has been completed. 

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Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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