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Updates to OnCall Health's Technical Support Policies

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Sam Brennand
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A world class customer support experience has always been a priority here at OnCall Health. We know the importance of great technical support to the success of the organizations, providers, and patients who use our platform, and we've invested heavily in powerful technology tools to help us offer high quality support channels and self-serve resources.

Delivering world-class provider and patient technical support is an extremely challenging. There are extremely important security and privacy challenges, and since every issue is unique, it's vital that our team gather as much information as possible to ensure an accurate and speedy response. 

As our technical support services have evolved over the last several years, we've learned that certain channels are significantly better at helping our team collect this information than others. 

As a result, moving forward email, live chat, our knowledge centre, and a variety of social media messaging channels will be the primary ways for you and your clients to reach our support team.

These channels allow our team to work with much greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility than over the phone, so we’ll be retiring our phone support option for patients as of October 12th, 2021. 

You can view all of the updates, including additional changes to our technical support hours of operation, within our revised Support Policies.

These new support channels allow our team to improve privacy and security, better document challenges and issues, share more detailed success documentation such as a help articles or videos, explain complex workflows through interactive screenshots, and initiate live screen shares when needed. As a result, we can deliver better support for you and your patients and clients, faster. 

We understand there are some organizations and patient populations that require more help than others. Accordingly, we've introduced an Elite Support package that is available as a premium add-on to your OnCall Health subscription. To learn more, please connect with your Customer Success Manager directly or reply to this email.

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