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What happens when a provider or coordinator is invited as a participant?

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Ly Do
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To encourage more collaborations among providers in our platform, we have expanded a provider's permission when they are being invited to an appointment. This could satisfy use cases where providers are invited: 

  • To co-host the appointment
  • To observe the host during the appointment
  • For training purposes
  • For consultation purposes

Please note that there is a slight difference in permissions if you are being invited to an appointment in a division that has Roster Sharing enabled. If you want to learn more about Roster Sharing permissions, you can read more here (Coming soon)

  • Participant_Provider_1.png
  • Participant_Coordinator.png

Please note

  • This is applied to providers that are being invited as participants in the same division, as well as divisions they don't belong to. This means if your provider's email is being used to be invited to an appointment where you are a real client/ patient, you will have more permissions than necessary. Please make sure to provide the appropriate email address when receiving care. 
  • To make sure that you are always informed of the elevated provider permissions, we will display a warning message when a provider is invited as a participant in an appointment. 


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to support@oncallhealth.ca

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