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Completing an Appointment

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Sam Brennand
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Marking appointments as complete ensures the accuracy and usability of your analytics, and if you're billing your client's through OnCall Health also triggers important billing events such as a credit charge and the automated delivery of an invoice. Accordingly, it's extremely important that you always remember to complete an appointment. 

Follow the steps below to ensure that your are successfully completing an appointment with your client(s). 

To start, login to your account and navigate to the Appointments page. Find an appointment that needs to be complete, and click the green Complete button. If you're already in the Appointment Summary page, because you are in the process of finishing up an appointment, proceed to the next step.



Scroll to the bottom of the page. If you're billing your clients through OnCall Health, you'll see three buttons available: Complete, Charge no-show fee, and No charge.



Clicking Complete will prompt a new window that will ask you to confirm, complete the appointment, and charge any applicable fees. Click Complete to finish. 



Clicking Charge no-show fee will prompt a new window that will ask you to confirm, complete the appointment, and charge any applicable no-show fee. No-show fees are set at the division level and can be configured as a set amount or a percentage of the appointment fee. If you have questions about your organization's no-show fees, or need to make changes to your no-show fees, please contact your account admin or connect with OnCall Health's customer success team. 



Clicking on Fee Waived will not prompt a double confirmation, so please ensure you are careful to only click this button when you wish to waive the fee for a given session.


Once an appointment is completed, your clients will receive an email with an attached invoice, if applicable. If you have more questions about billing, click here to review billing FAQs or please reach out to technical support at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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