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How to Configure Custom Appointment Fields

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Custom Appointment Fields are a valuable feature that can be integrated into your appointment summaries, tailored to both participants and specific appointments. Custom appointment fields can be used for entering information like billing codes, referral sources, or the primary reason for their visit. 

In this article, we will walk you through how to create Custom Appointment Fields for your clinic or organization. Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature if you don't already have it. 

Guide 📖

Access Configuration: Start by navigating to the "Platform Configuration" section within your account.

Custom Appointment Fields Tab: Once in the Configuration section, locate and click on the "Custom Appointment Fields" tab.

settings- platform configuration.png


Create a New Field: To begin crafting your custom fields, click on the "New custom appointment field."




Field Type: Choose the type of field you wish to create, either "Text input" or "Multi-select."

Select Divisions: Decide which division(s) this field should apply to. You can choose specific divisions by clicking the "Add +" button or select "Apply to all divisions" if it's relevant to all divisions you're a part of.

divisions- custom apt field.png

Save Your Changes: After naming your custom appointment field and providing options (if applicable), click "Save" to confirm your choices.



Text input vs. Multi-select fields:

1. Text input fields: These fields allow providers and coordinators to input open-text information, making them suitable for items like "Primary Reason for Appointment." To configure text input fields, simply define the field name or question you want to collect input for.



2. Multi-select fields: Multi-select fields, on the other hand, enable providers and coordinators to choose one or more options from a dropdown list. These fields work well for items such as "Billing codes," "Attendance," "Referral Source," and more. To set up multi-select fields, specify the field name as the question and provide answer options for staff members to choose from.



Side Notes:

  • What is a division?: A division represents a grouping of providers, coordinators, and administrators working together under specific conditions, such as the same state or physical location or providing the same type of service (e.g., Primary Care, Mental Health). Your Account Manager can assist in determining the most suitable division setup for your team. When applying fields to divisions, ensure that the field is relevant to appointments across applicable divisions.



  • Mandatory vs. Optional Fields: You can designate whether a field is mandatory or optional via the Configuration page. If a field is marked as mandatory, users will need to provide input in the field before they can complete the appointment. Conversely, optional fields allow for completing appointments without answering the custom appointment field(s).

  • Editing and Deleting Fields: To manage your fields, you can edit or delete them by clicking on the ellipsis icon in the "Settings" column.


After you create and add custom appointment fields to the appropriate divisions, you and your colleagues can start applying them to appointments accordingly. For more instructions on how to apply these fields to appointments, please refer to this article

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Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!



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