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How to Configure Custom Appointment Fields

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Custom Appointment Fields are fields that can be added to an appointment summary that is specific to a participant and the appointment. Custom appointment fields can be used for entering information like billing codes, referral sources, or the primary reason for their visit. 

In this article, we will walk you through how to create Custom Appointment Fields for your clinic or organization. Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature if you don't already have it. 

Guide πŸ“–

Navigate to the "Configuration" section on your account and Navigate to the "Custom Appointment Fields" tab



Click on "New custom appointment field" to start creating custom fields



Choose the type of field you want to create between "Text input" and "Multi-select"



Choose the division(s) you want to apply this field to by clicking on the "Add +" button (if you want to apply to a few of all divisions you are a part of) or "Apply to all divisions" (if you want to apply to all divisions that you are a part of)



Click "Save" after you finish entering the custom appointment field name and options (if applicable)



What is the difference between configuring "Text input" and "Multi-select" fields?

1. Text input fields

  • A text input field would allow providers and coordinators to enter open text, so it would be suitable for fields such as "Primary Reason for Appointment."
  • In order to configure text input fields, you will need to add a field name or the question that you want to collect input



2. Multi-select fields

  • Multi-select field would allow providers and coordinators to choose one ore more options from a drop down list, so it would be suitable for fields like "Billing codes", "Attendance", "Referral Source", etc
  • In order to configure multi-select fields, you will need to add a field name as the question that you want to collect input, as well as options that other staff members can choose to answer it



Side Notes

  • What is a division?
    A division is a combination of providers, coordinators, and admins that work together in certain conditions such as; in the same state or physical location, the same type of service such as Primary Care, Mental Health, etc. Depending on your team’s structure, your Account Manager may suggest different setups for your divisions. When applying fields to the divisions, please make sure that the field is appropriate to be applied to appointments that take place in any applicable divisions. 
  • Once you finish adding custom appointment fields, you can determine whether the field is mandatory or optional via the Configuration page


  • If a field is mandatory, you will need to add an input in the field before being able to complete the appointment. If the field is optional, you can complete the appointment without answering the custom appointment field(s)
  • You can delete or edit the fields by clicking on the ellipsis icon in the "Settings" column


After you create and add custom appointment fields to the appropriate divisions, you and your colleagues can start applying them to appointments accordingly. For more instructions on how to apply these fields to appointments, please refer to this article

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Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!



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