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Custom Appointment Fields Overview

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Custom Appointment Fields are fields that can be added to an appointment summary that is specific to a participant and the appointment. Custom appointment fields can be used for entering information like billing codes, referral sources, or the primary reason for their visit. 

Please note that you will need to create Custom Appointment Fields for your organization or clinic prior to applying them to a participant. To learn how to create these fields, refer to this article

Guide 📖

  • Navigate to the desired appointment and access the Appointment Summary Page by clicking on the "View" button


  • Navigate to the "Custom Appointment Fields" section


  • Start applying the information to the fields that you or your admin have created. Custom Appointment Fields are available in the following formats
    • Text input: you can enter text into the field


    • Multi-select dropdown: you can choose one or multiple options 


  • Click on "Save" after adding content. If you have more than one custom appointment field, click "Back" to access the list of all fields and choose the next field you want to add


Side Notes

  • Mandatory custom appointment fields will need to be submitted in order to complete the appointment 
  • Custom appointment fields can be added before and during the appointment by navigating to the Appointment Summary Page. After you have completed the appointment, you will not be able to access the Appointment Summary Page, hence no custom appointment fields can be added or edited
  • In a group session, you will be able to apply custom appointment fields for each participant after adding your field option(s) or apply it to all participants


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