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Mobile app redesign and Timezone displayed in email notifications (March 8, 2022)

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Ly Do
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New Features/ Functionalities

Mobile app redesign 

Updated our mobile app interface to help users find related information and attachments more easily. In addition, “Upcoming” tab has been split into “Upcoming” and “Incomplete” so that appointments are sorted more appropriately, allowing users to find and join appointments quicker.

Please make sure to download the most updated version of the mobile app to enjoy this new design. 


A couple of feature enhancements that we’ve made

1. Ability to add the time of an appointment into your appointment invitation and reminder emails

Reduce confusion about appointment times by including the time (with timezone) of an appointment in your email communication. Please contact your CSM if you would like this added to your emails.



2. Contact ID now listed on roster profiles

Providers and Coordinators can now reference a unique ID (the roster or contact ID) for a patient. This is listed at the top of the roster page beneath the user's name. This ID can be used to communicate about a patient to avoid using PHI in communication.



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