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Appointment Templates (May 17, 2022)

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Ly Do
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New Features/ Functionalities

Appointment Templates

We have launched a new feature called Appointment Templates! This will allow you to standardize your appointment data by creating appointments with predefined details (such as appointment title, type, duration, fee and forms). It will also help providers create appointments more quickly and easily.

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to enable Templates on your account.


Appointment Modal Redesign

  • We have redesigned our appointment creation flow and given it a fresh new look. Starting today, once you tap on the “+” button you’ll be able to see the new design. It is much easier now to create appointments, as you can change the appointment type while creating an appointment and can put in any custom duration that you want.
  • Additional to the new design, we’ve also introduced adding forms when creating an appointment! Now you can choose multiple forms and assign them to all participants at once, resulting in time savings for providers and coordinators.


A couple of feature enhancements that we’ve made

Anonymizing participant names 

  • We have enabled a capability to allow users to anonymize participant names in Zoom calls. This feature can be used to protect health information, and will ensure that participant full names are not displayed. To enable this, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed an issue to prevent participants from being able to cancel appointments that are in the past, so that only providers or coordinators can cancel or complete appointments that have passed. 

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