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Redesign of Forms and Files table (May 30, 2022)

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Ly Do
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New Features/ Functionalities

Separate Forms tab and Files tab

We have split the original Forms & Files tab into 2 separate Forms tab and Files tab. As a provider/ staff of the organization, you will be able to see all forms that were assigned to the contact in the Forms tab, and all files that were shared to the contact in the Files tab.


Same Forms & Files tab (old)


Separate Forms tab and Files tab (new)

Redesign of Forms table & Files table in Roster page

We have given the Roster Forms tab and Files tab a fresh new look by changing the table style, adding searching and sorting functionalities and a menu option which allows providers and coordinators to manage forms/files more easily.




A couple of feature enhancements that we’ve made

Send email notification to providers when a form is failed to assign if assignment is done via appointment creation

When an appointment is created and a form is assigned to the participants during the appointment creation, but the form has failed to deliver, an email will be sent to the provider to inform them about the delivery failure. Providers can still log in and navigate to the appointment to assign forms again after receiving the notification.


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