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Form Scheduler & Mandatory booking page payment information (June 27, 2022)

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Ly Do
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New Features/ Functionalities

Allow provider and coordinator users to schedule the delivery of a form in addition to immediate delivery option

  • When assigning a form to a participant via the appointment card in Appointment List or Messaging session or Roster, users will now have the option to assign form now or schedule another delivery date


  • This functionality is not available when form is assigned during appointment creation. During appointment creation, any associated form will be assigned immediately
  • If form is scheduled to delivery on a later date, the receiving participants will not get any notification and will not be prompted to complete the form until the specified date and time

A couple of feature enhancements that we’ve made

Allow organizations to require mandatory payment information in order to submit a booking request

  • Prior to this change, patients were able to submit a booking request without having to enter their payment details. We’ve now introduced this feature that requires patients to enter payment information to be able to successfully submit an appointment booking request. To enable this capability, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Ability to see if a form is associated with a declined booking request

  • Prior to this change, forms that are associated with a declined appointment request were not visible in the Roster. However, we have updated this to show these forms on the Roster contact, as well as adding a “Declined appointment request” tag to help identify this type of form


Support overflow text on Forms and File tables in Roster

  • This change will allow provider and coordinator users to see the full name of the file/form by hovering over the cut off text


Bug fixes

  • We’ve fix a small bug to standardize capitalizations in the creating and editing availability modal


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