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How to transfer the owner of a Roster contact in a Roster Sharing division?

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If you support a workflow where patients/ clients will be working with multiple healthcare providers and staff in their care journey, and need a way to indicate the current primary caregiver, you can check out this article for instructions on how to transfer the owner of a Roster contact. 

Please note that this is only supported in Roster Sharing divisions and only available to coordinator users. Please contact your Customer Success Manager in order to learn more about Roster Sharing for your organizations. 

1. Navigate to the Roster contact and click on the "Transfer ownership" button


2. Select the new owner in the list of available providers. This list includes all active providers and coordinators in the same division that the Roster contact currently belongs to


3. Once the new owner is selected, click on the "Transfer ownership" button in order to proceed with the transfer

4. A success message will be displayed if the transfer is successful. Otherwise, an error message will pop up with instructions for next steps

Please be aware that if a Roster contact is created automatically once the patient books an appointment with provider A, you should transfer the ownership to provider B before the patient books another appointment with provider B to prevent duplicate contacts. 

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